Serviceservice descriptionPrice. USD.

InspectionThe initial inspection and diagnostics of the instrument is carried out on site.FREE
Nut or saddle replacementReplacement or manufacture of the threshold (upper/lower) of any type of instrument, +$15-$20 materials$50 & UP
SetupTruss adjustment, intonation, string height adjustment, nut adjustment, overall cleaning, tremolo adjustment (if applicable), frets polishing, inspection and cleaning of all electronics. Fret leveling is not included.$80
Neck and fret workrs
Fret leveling and crowningThe procedure includes pressing and gluing the frets if they have come out of the grooves, leveling the frets to a uniform height, fret ends dressing,crowning, and polishing. We work with any material of frets.$120 & UP
Full Re-FretsIncludes Fingerboard Plane, fret slot slot clean and seal, fretting, level/crown/polish and a Complete Set up. Material cost $18 per re-fret, $35 for stainless steel or $45 "EVO gold" fret wire. Compound radius can be done at no extra charge.$350 & UP
+ stainless steell or EVO goldLabor onlyupcharge $100
+ additional dificultiesfor example, changing the frets while maintaining the flow of the plastic nibs above the fret (like a Gibson Custom).individual
Truss rod repair or replacementTruss rod replacement + installation and processing of frets after re-gluing the overlay.$600 & UP
Includes Set up
Plus Materials approx. $30
Fretboard replacementDoes not include cost of materials. Must quote.$800 & UP
Inlays install or replacementInstallation of decorative positional markers on the fretboard (pearl, abalone, plastic, metal).individual
It is possible to develop an individual design.

Cracks & Structural
Bridge reglueBridge reglue on classical and acoustic guitars.$200 & UP
Build new bridgeIncludes new saddle and full set up$300 & UP
Plus Materials $15-50
Repair cracksMust quote, without finish touch up, wet-sand & buff$100 & UP
Headstock repairHeadstock reglue, no touch up. Includes complete set up$200 & UP
Headstock repair + ReinfircementHeadstock reglue, no touch up. Additional reinforcement. Includes complete set up$300 & UP
Brace reglueOff or loose braces$60 & UP
RoutingRouting for various guitar elements. Pickups, tremolos, battery compartments, preamps, jacks and more.$50-$400

Paint & Touch-Ups
Finish repairs are the hardest to price. All prices are subject to change. Each touch up must be evaluated by a tech.
Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum for all finish repairs and minimum 90-120 days for refinishes.
Touch UpAir brush touch-up includes filling in body damage, sealing up finish, color matching, airbrushing, clear coat, and wetsand/buff whole effected area$200 & Up
Total refinish of neckIncludes sanding and color. Price includes cost of Restring & Adjust. Full set up add $50. Any custom paint must be paid in full $35-75. Standard in-stock colors are $30 per guitar.$500 & UP
Total refinish of body-//-$500 & UP
+ additional dificultiesSunburst, candy colors, binding, metallic$50-$200
Buffing, wet sanding and polisingAbrasive polishing of the paint coating of the soundboard or neck. Small scratches and scuffs can be removed.$50-$170
Guitar Electronics
Pickup replacementElectric/bass pickup replacement, no routing, no pickup cost included.$50
Full rewireStandard guitar wirings$100-$250
Sound board acoustic pickup systemPickup is not included, must quote$60
Install on-board acoustic pickup system-//-$150
ShieldingShielding cavities of the guitar (graphite paint/copper foil).$50-$150

The final repair cost is announced after the instrumenr is inspected by the expert.